08-27-2023 – Democrats for Life of Pennsylvania denounces Gov. Shapiro’s attempt to end contract with the Real Alternatives Program

Recently, Gov. Josh Shapiro has announced he intends to end the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services contract with the Real Alternatives program, a program launched by former Gov. Bob Casey to reduce the number of abortions sought by vulnerable women. Democrats for Life of Pennsylvania member Maria Marlowe gives her thoughts:

In what is yet another attempt from pro-choice Democrats to bulldoze their way to abortion dictatorship, Governor Shapiro in Pennsylvania is attempting to defund the Real Alternatives
program. He and his administration claim that pregnancy centers, such as those funded by Real Alternatives, are by their nature merely anti-abortion. Such a claim is not only false, it completely saws the legs off the concept of choice. Programs such as Real Alternatives offer women opportunities that no one—not even the staunchest pro-choice advocate—should find objectionable. Furthermore—and here lies the irony that would be almost ludicrous if it wasn’t so tragic and stupid—by denying women access to these programs, pro-choice advocates are proving one indisputable truth: They are not pro-choice at all.

How can you claim to be pro-choice when you remove the choices that women have? One can’t be pro-choice on the one hand while denying her choice on the other. They are for abortion, only abortion, and nothing but abortion. And—by offering a mother only abortion—they are consequently not offering her any choice at all. It appears that the pot is calling the kettle black. The very arguments the Governor and pro-choice advocates make against pregnancy centers, they’re guilty of themselves. Pregnancy centers offer women an opportunity that abortion supporters (if they’re true to the concept of “choice”) should have no problem allowing them to have. Tell us honestly, Governor: Are you pro-choice or does your idea of choice begin and end with abortion? Real Alternatives is not simply anti-abortion, it is truly Pro-Life!

The Real Alternatives program is the good work and the legacy of former Governor Robert P. Casey. Over the years, the Real Alternatives program has allowed women in Pennsylvania to experience motherhood because of the assistance they received from this funding. These centers provide, among other things, free medical and legal assistance, free maternity clothes, free baby supplies. All of this from the hand of former Governor Casey, someone who was true to the principles of the Democratic Party. These are peaceful and hopeful solutions to a crisis pregnancy. Why should they not be
available to a woman who seeks them, a woman who wants to have her child but, for one reason or another, cannot go it alone? The attempt to eliminate Real Alternatives is truly a disgrace and pro-choice advocates should be ashamed of the total hypocrisy they are promoting. By eliminating other alternatives they are advocating for one option only—abortion. How narrow minded is that? This is not choice. It’s tyranny.

As a pro-life Democrat, a pro-life feminist, and the single mother of two daughters—but mainly as a life-long resident of Pennsylvania who votes in every election—I suggest that Governor Shapiro go to the dictionary, look up the word choice, and support women in Pennsylvania who choose life. Life is a choice too–and it is the right choice.

Maria Marlowe
Democrats for Life of America.