State Chapter Advisors of Democrats for Life of Pennsylvania

Christian Matozzo – State Chapter Coordinator

A devout Roman Catholic, Christian was unsatisfied with both political party platforms not fitting the worldview of the Catholic Social Teaching he had learned and come to appreciate throughout his life. Looking for for others who shared his view of a concern for both the unborn child and the poor, Christian discovered Democrats for Life, and got involved during the 2016 Democratic National Convention, and has served as the State Chapter Coordinator ever since. He is a J.D. Candidate at Temple University.

Maria Marlowe

Maria is a semi-retired copy editor, a life-long Democrat, and a pro-life activist of over 40 years. She grew up in South Philadelphia, and currently resides in Montgomery County.

Matthew Bartko – Member

Matthew Bartko is born and raised in the West Mifflin part of Western Pennsylvania. He grew up going to Calvary Baptist both for church and preschool, attended West Mifflin public schools and California University, and now attends Source Church.  He leaned Republican in my early teenage years, but Matt grew frustrated that those running the Republican National Committee treated the Pro-Life issue as more of a fundraising talking point than anything else. He spent years looking at politics as an Independent voter wishing there was a party more like the centrist parties I was reading about in Europe and South America. Matt joined Democrats for Life of Pennsylvania in 2020 to promote the Whole-Life movement within the Democratic party.