01/19/2019 – DFL of PA quoted at March for Life by Washington Free Beacon

Christian Matozzo, State Chapter Coordinator for Democrats for Life of PA was quoted in a Feature on the 2019 March for Life in the Washington Free Beacon:

“But there would be no point. Rehn and his ilk are antagonists—pro-life antagonists, sure—but engaging with them only deepens the divisions that have kept the pro-life movement from any serious chance at overturning Roe v. Wade. The right to life is bigger than religious and political differences.

Or so Democrats for Life representative Christian Matozzo tells me as he and a couple buddies lean against a streetside barrier outside the still-closed National Gallery of Art.

“Look, we’re all here for one issue,” he says. “We’re all pro-life. We all believe in the sanctity of life. I don’t think that your particular affiliations should dictate where you stand on the issue. When we act that way, the only people who lose out are the unborn children and the moms who are trying to bring their kids to term.”